To effectively audit the logistics function of your company, you must first understand the mission allocated to logistics within your company because it will naturally be influenced by the overall strategy of your company. Depending on your competitive positioning (leadership through costs, importance of quality of service, etc.), the place you give to innovation, your target markets and the breadth of the range, the missions granted to your logistics department will vary significantly. Abeil defines the logistics audit which will be linked to the overall logistics strategy of your company. Our experts are waiting for you!


Our logistics training will give you the skills and understanding you need for a successful career in Supply Chain management. Our expert trainers provide high-level courses, in French and English, allowing managers, executives, logistics staff and students to develop the skills and knowledge required to become an effective Supply Chain manager. In addition, learners can attend specific courses towards certification in logistics.

SOLUTION ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP is a software package that allows you to manage all of the processes operational operations of a company by integrating several management functions: order management solution, inventory management solution, solution payroll and accounting management, e-commerce management solution, BtoB or BtoC commerce management solution ..... in a system. Otherwise Said, ERP is the "backbone" of your business. Abeil supports you and allows your business to integrate different features such as:

  • Accounting and financial management (accounting management ERP, invoicing management ERP),
  • Inventory management (ERP inventory management software),
  • Human resources management,
  • Supplier management (ERP suppliers for mass distribution) as well as,
  • Sales management,
  • Distribution management or,
  • Management of e-commerce (ERP commerce, specialized retail ERP).


Let's move on to the innovation of your services via digitalization. Abeil helps you revitalize the presentation of your products and services in logistics digitally.